Perpetual Dreamstate

Today marks a week since I’ve returned from the Better Now Than (N)Ever Tour with Carnage The Executioner and Illogic.  I found myself paying presence of mind most of my attention, and, as a result, ended up storing the most beautiful photos and video content in my head as opposed to CF cards.  I’m consistently aiming to embrace the power of now, finding a catch 22 in my attempts to embrace each moment as such while contributing to the ever-increasing over-saturation of online content.  This isn’t to say I didn’t film Illogic and Carnage getting raw every night, because I did, and new content is on the horizon in the very near future.  We’ve got some details to iron out on the production end, but I filmed some serious skinny dipping in the stream of consciousness, and it will be finding the light of the public eye very soon.


Illogic is an emcee to the bone.  Once he calmly approaches the stage, he quickly lays waste to his soft-spoken demeanor and delivers a constant cultivation of prose and poetry.  More nights than not, I felt as if I had entered a wormhole he opened while reciting certain pieces.  His control over the mic is unrivaled, and his smooth delivery has certainly shown me how to have a commanding presence while playing it cool.  While his abilities with the written word make me want to edit edit edit my works, he told me that most of his writing is done in one-shot sessions.  He shared some upcoming material in the van, and I can assure he is continually refining and defining what it means to simultaneously be an emcee and a poet.


Carnage (or CXXXL) is constant living proof that having to get on stage after him is a death sentence.  I felt sorry for the few locals that were placed in that position on tour, because it’s like trying to get four year old interested in a balloon after it has already been inflated and blown apart.  He has become one with his loop station, to the point where I lose sight of where his pedals begin and his mouth ends.  I take his art for granted.  I’ve seen him play probably near a hundred shows, and I forget that there are people who are unaware of what a loop pedal is, let alone what a hip-hop monster can do with one.  On the drive to Las Vegas, we listened to a couple projects of Eyedea’s and that night, Terrell remade the instrumentals to a minimum of five of those songs with only sounds from his mouth.


If anything, this tour provided me with some much needed insight into the world of wearing multiple hats.  Musician, videographer, photographer, audio engineer, live sound man, emcee, singer…  all of these roles define each other, and I’ve come to a place where I’m okay with the space I cultivate in a live setting being different every night.  In the end, I’m only interested in encouraging you to pursue your dream state, so do it.  If it means sitting on the internet, researching your next moves, do it.  If it means selling all of your belongings and flying across the world, do it.  If it means grinding out a 9 to 5 to support and provide your family with a greater position than you had, then do it.  Do it with love, and do it from your heart, because each passing blip of consciousness is all we’ve got.

My next MPLS gig is 12/3/14 @ 7th Street Entry in support of the homie Alan AKA Moonlight Grammar‘s new EP, “High Tide”.  It’s definitely the most interesting thing you’ll find going on in the middle of the week, so grab a ticket and come hang…  this will be my last public showcasing in the Twin Cities for the foreseeable future.

See ya’ll when I see ya,




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Better Now Than (N)ever: Two Weeks

In a world consisting of 24 hour news cycles, purchased pulpits, and the ever-increasing updates on benign explorations of the human kind, I find myself straying from inter-netted reality in lieu of what’s in front of my face.  Tonight marks a straight two weeks of shows each night all across the country, a perpetual dream state in which every day is the same, yet impossibly different.  Carnage The Executioner, Illogic, and I likely wouldn’t be traveling the country together if it weren’t for the influence of Micheal Larsen, and today marks four years since he moved from the human physical to the everlasting infinite.  This is the view out of our hotel room, and while Las Vegas isn’t really my vibe, I plan on absorbing the energy of the room and firing back through my filter, just as I do every night I step on stage in attempts to share my truth with anyone who feels the need to plug into the ether connecting us all.




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Suneater EP + Better Now Than (N)ever Tour October 2014

It’s been a few months since I’ve last updated.  I was incredibly busy this summer, which keeps me present and on my toes.  From September 9th – 21st, I wrote and recorded most of a new EP.  Suneater comes just in time for me to hit the road with Carnage The Executioner and Illogic for the month of October, and I am excited to share these songs with you live.  I will have physical copies of the EP available on the road, which contain a bonus song not available to stream online.

Suneater EPq

Here’s the list of dates for tour, come say hi:


I will be updating frequently on tour… photos, videos, audio to come.

Thank you for your continued support, I wouldn’t be able to do this if it weren’t for you.



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The Peace EP Turns One

It has officially been a year since PCP released the Peace EP, and I am amazed at what the seemingly simple act of releasing music for the public to digest has done for me.  I needed to release those songs in order to put a piece of myself to rest and learn to move forward in creating perpetually realized moments of clarity.

The blog I posted about intention the other day rings true with this release.  I knew what my intention was behind releasing the Peace EP, and it was realized.  Now, with the latest material I have in the can for One Man’s Trash, I am pleased to see how much the intention behind my musical approach has grown in such a short period of time.  Seeing my trials and tribulations from another frame of mind has taught me lessons which would have otherwise been impossible for me to learn.  I encourage you to pursue your art, it’s the only thing I’ve found which has shown me my own perspective from a bird’s eye view.

I wanted to do something to commemorate the release, so I decided to put together a sample pack of pieces from the album.  There are melodic instruments, vocals, drums, and a demo from my time in Phuket.  I figured there would be a couple people / producer cats who would at least want to snag up some drums.  Click the photo to download the sample pack, it will be free for the rest of the week.

Phuket: A Retrospective Sample Pack



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Love / Hate Relationship

Since releasing the Peace EP in April 2013, I’ve been consciously working on cultivating a mindful relationship with the intentions behind my actions.  Over the course of my last month at Cabin Fever, I decided to do a simple experiment:

I cleaned, rinsed and filled two jars with a cup of water and a tablespoon of chia seeds each, then sealed them both with a lid.  On one jar, I drew a heart and a smiley face and spoke sweetly to it.  I often mentioned how nice and happy it was looking and and generally held it in high regard.  On the other jar, I drew a frown face with x’s for eyes and the word “die” on it.  I said awful things to this jar, things I would cringe to say to another person and do not wish to repeat.  While sitting at my workstation, I would often look at the jars on the sill and smile at the love jar, while casting glares at the hate jar.

After 30 days passed, as I was packing up my studio in preparation of heading back to civilization, I decided to open the jars and snap a photo of each one:


Love Jar

Sight:  Thin layer of coalesced chia seeds floating on top of the water, a few green sprouts here and there.  Slight film on top of water.

Smell:  Sickly sweet, almost like a sugar-y / fermenting alcohol smell.  Not exactly pleasant, but not offensive either.  Kinda like the last sip of a microbrew left in a bottle overnight.

Hate Jar

Sight:  Nearly all seeds were sunk to the bottom of the water.  Slight film on the top of the water, appears to be devoid of life, no signs of sprouting.

Smell:  Made me gag, smelled sickly of sulfur.  Still fills my mouth with a terrible taste as I think back while writing this blog post a day later.

I’m aware this isn’t a perfectly executed experiment, and rather than do the experiment again on my own, I figured I’d encourage you to do it for yourself and share your findings with me.  It’s simple and only takes a few minutes of effort.  Use different seeds.  Use different jars.  Use a control jar that receives no attention whatsoever.  Maybe try it with two of the same plants and speak to the water you feed them.  Get creative.  Be intentional.  Based on the past year of my life, I have come to believe the intention behind the words we speak to each other can have a very real and profound effect on our lives.  Something as simple as a “great work” or “I noticed your effort” or “thank you” or “I love you” can help us grow and thrive, while something as seemingly innocuous as “you’re stupid” or “you look ugly” or “what a piece of shit” can have real consequences beyond the initial sneer and spiteful laugh.

I know what my intentions were in speaking to these jars and I see night and day in these two photos.  Perhaps you see intriguing evidence, perhaps you see a poorly controlled second grade science experiment.  I’ve seen the effects of intention in my life, in both positive and negative light.  What have you professed with intent to make someone feel good?  What have you uttered with intent to make someone feel bad?  Is there anyone alive undeserving of love?  Are there people out there who deserve to be the target of hate?  I don’t really expect answers, I’m just intending to make you intuit the next perfunctory string of aural symbols you encounter on this current trip around the sun.



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Peace EP Retrospective #02

“See Ya”

This was one of those songs that simply wrote itself. At the time, Thailand forced me to address a lot of unsaids in several relationships in my life… and this is a good example of writing growing and evolving over time. Each phrase was about something specific, and now, it’s specific in its expanse across several relationships in my life. I channeled the melody for this on the back of a motorbike, heading to the airport to travel from Phuket to Chiang Mai. I even remember literally turning a corner as it happened.  I wrote the chord progression on my newfound Australian friend Loch’s Baby Taylor 3/4 acoustic in Chiang Mai, sitting at a cafe, deciding how to begin the first day of the rest of my life.  Over the course of the next few days following, I prodded at the lyrics while traveling down the Mekong River.  Aside from recording a quick demo on the road, I all but forgot about this song until I started recording the Peace EP in February 2013.  

Temple Top Sunset

Here’s a Cabin Fever 2014 acoustic version of  ‘See Ya’:

In February, I received a message from a woman saying this song recently helped her through a rough patch, so Roz, this one is for you (and your friends).



Turtle Totem Tuesday (#TTT)



This turtle is a turtle, sure, but it’s also made up of beautiful polished stone and what looks to be carved triangles.  As I’m in the final stages of wrapping up the 1OH version of my father’s gallery for One Man’s Trash, I’m beginning to see how important it is to notice what comprises a whole.  I’m not simply a human being, I am the amalgamate of everything I digest / ingest / read / listen / see / am subjected to.  I’ve handled every single piece of JCP’s art gallery with my own two hands, and snapped every photo in this gallery… but only after taking a step back and seeing the art through these photos am I able to see what I believe was his final lesson to me.  I’m going to keep it to myself, for now, but I’ll let this turtle totem serve as a reminder to take note of all the details which comprise my whole life, accepting the things I cannot change with grace and humility, praising the beautiful imperfections, and discarding the pieces which no longer serve me.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll.



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Cabin Fever #20

Well, I missed yesterday.  I didn’t even make it a week of posting each day, but in all honesty, every day is too much.  Attempting to live a fruitful and productive life while talking about it on the internet seems slightly counter-intuitive, so I’m going to scale back a bit more.  Over this past weekend, I spent a few days with Carnage The Executioner, the greatest live hip-hop act I’ve ever seen.  This man has more energy than people half his age, and has been beatboxing since before I was born.  Over the past 6 years, we have developed an indescribable connection and working relationship, I’m excited for you all to see the fruits of this past session’s labor.  My time here @ Cabin Fever is fleeting, but this week will see another revision round on One Man’s Trash as well as a few goodies related to the Peace EP One Year Retrospective.  

Carnage The Executioner



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Cabin Fever #19

Meet Jane.  Since I posted my old man’s guitar the other day, I figured I’d best give my baby some shine, too.  We’ve been together for 4 years, but only recently started sleeping together in December.  She’s the first I see in the morning, and the last before my daily dream stasis.  In the winter, I feed her two small sponges of water daily (which she drinks at her leisure), and generally massage her neck somewhere between one and eight hours on any given day.  She’s generally tagging along with me wherever I go, but we’ve recently discussed my acquiring a younger mistress (for traveling) who is a bit more nubile.   We’ve been through the ringer together, and I’m more protective of her than my own heart.  Granted, she helps me represent and realize pieces of said heart, but I’d take a stomping before letting her go without a fight.

PCP's Martin



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